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This how-to provides step-by-step instructions on upgrading build definitions implemented with DeployToAzure 1.0 to version 1.1


Step 1 – Replace DeployToAzure assemblies and build template in TFS Source Control.

  • Download DeployToAzure 1.1 from CodePlex
  • Check-out EastBancTech.DeployToAzure.Activities.dll and Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll resided in custom assemblies' folder. You can find path to your custom assemblies on Build Controller Properties window in Visual Studio (Build->Manage Build Controlles –>Select your controller –> Properties)
  • Replace assemblies with those from downloaded archive and check-in.
  • RESTART Visual Studio to pick up types from new assembly.
  • Check-out DefaultTemplateWithDeploymentToAzure.xaml, replace it with the one from downloaded archive and check-in back into source control.


Step 2- Update build definition

  • - Open build definition
  • -  Open the Process section and refresh your build process template

refresh build template

  • In 1. Required/ Items to build select complete solution instead of cloud project.   New version on DeployToAzure separates compilation and packaging processes, so full solution can be compiled and tested before package and deploy to Azure.
  • Go to  3. Advanced / MSBuild Arguments and remove /t:Build;Publish /p:OutDir=" "  parameters which were required with previous version of Azure.
  • In Deployment To Azure section:
    • Reset API Certification store, API Certification store location  and Slot fields. Those fields has been changed from plain string to choice fields, so now you can select store, store location and deployment slot from the list.
    • Update Deployment label if required.  With new version of DeployToAzure, deployment label can contain same set of macros as Build Label.
    • Select a Cloud project to be packaged and deployed.  It will be built with the same configuration as the one specified for solution building.
    • Specify Service Configuration to be used for deployment. Keep this field empty to use default configuration.
    • If you want you build wait for roles to start, set Wait for roles to start to true and specify Initialization Timeout
  • Save build definition.

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